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Little Olive Tree Preschool (Bethany)

Little Olive Tree Preschool (Bethany) is a preschool that tells the story of God’s truth, beauty and goodness. We hope that every child that comes through our doors will be like olive trees flourishing in the house of God, trusting always in His unfailing love.

Our role at Little Olive Tree Preschool (by PPS) is to be worthy partners to teach and love the children as our own. Doing anything lesser is a disservice to our children who are precious in the eyes of God.

School Hours

Full Day Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am to 7pm

Half Day Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am to 1pm or 1pm to 7pm


Little Olive Tree Preschool (Bethany) is located at 364A Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534965, within the premises of Bethany Presbyterian Church. 

Getting Here

By Bus: 22, 43, 70 from Serangoon MRT Station Exit C (3 bus stops)

58 from Serangoon MRT Station Exit H (3 bus stops)

By Train: 15 mins walk from Serangoon MRT or Bartley MRT Station

School Fees

Full Day: $895/month

Half Day: $665/month

Additional fees: Non-refundable registration fee ($50) and refundable deposit ($1,200).

*Fees listed here are before government subsidy and GST

Learning Environment 

Little Olive Tree Preschools, by PPS, will adopt the Truth, Beauty and Goodness Programme Framework. This means classrooms and learning areas are set up to encourage learning, and to make children's thinking visible.


Practically, it means employing a muted and nature-inspired colour palette so that children's attention will be drawn to the learning material and their work. Little Olive Preschools will adopt the the look-and-feel in the classrooms and learning environments to that end.

Learning Centres and Classroom Set Up

Children Learning in Action and Learning Materials


Principal: Ms. Priscilla Lim

Having spent the last 20 years nurturing children, Priscilla believes that every child is unique and creative. With her gentle disposition, she grounds the children's learning experiences and lessons with great love, valuing each child by cultivating and developing their interests.

She endeavours to inculcate social skills and moral values through every day moments, seizing each interaction with the children, counting them as precious. She believes that school is but a microcosm of the real world that we are preparing our young ones for.

Her passion in the arts and aesthetic expression also shines through in the ways she works with her team to transform the learning spaces in LOT Bethany to inspire conversations, discovery and experiential learning in their classrooms.

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