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Little Olive Tree

Childcare Centres that tell the story of God's truth, beauty and goodness.


Little Olive Tree Preschool (Woodlands)

Little Olive Tree Preschool (Woodlands) is a preschool that tells the story of God’s truth, beauty and goodness. We hope that every child that comes through our doors will be like olive trees flourishing in the house of God, trusting always in His unfailing love.

Our role at Little Olive Tree Preschool (by PPS) is to be worthy partners to teach and love the children as our own. Doing anything lesser is a disservice to our children who are precious in the eyes of God.

School Hours

Childcare services will be offered starting from January 2023.

Full Day Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am to 7pm

Sat: 7am to 2pm

Half Day Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am to 1pm or 1pm to 7pm

Sat: 7am to 2pm


Little Olive Tree Preschool (Woodlands) is located at 1 Woodlands Street 83, S(738488), within the premises of Woodlands Evangelical Free Church.

Getting Here 

From Admiralty MRT Station

By Bus: 904, 913 964, 969 from Admiralty MRT Station (2 bus stops)

From Woodlands MRT Station

By Bus: 858, 900, 913 964, 969 from Woodlands Interchange (2 bus stops)

Walking Distance: 700m

School Fees

Full Day: $1200/month

Half Day: $750/month

*Fees listed here are before government subsidy and GST

Are you currently enrolled in Bukit Arang Kindergarten and/or attending Bukit Arang Church? Email us for preferential rates at

Little Olive Tree Preschool (Woodlands)
Open House on 19 November 2022

School Programme Sharing at 9am, 10am and 11am

Learning Environment 

The school term is still in session until the end of November 2022. The school and its learning environment will be undergoing renovation and refurbishment in December 2022. Photographs and more details will be released then. 

In the meantime, you may peruse the gallery of how learning environments at other Presbyterian Preschool Services' childcare centres are like.

Little Olive Tree Preschools, by PPS, will adopt the Truth, Beauty and Goodness Programme Framework. This means classrooms and learning areas are set up to encourage learning, and to make children's thinking visible.


Practically, it means employing a muted and nature-inspired colour palette so that children's attention will be drawn to the learning material and their work. Little Olive Preschools will adopt the the look-and-feel in the classrooms and learning environments to that end.

Learning Centres and Classroom Set Up

Children Learning in Action and Learning Materials

Save $2,400 in fees

if you register for enrolment by end November 2022


Truth, Beauty and Goodness Curriculum

What is the chief goal of education? What do we want our children to learn from the hours they spend in school? What kind of values and skills do we want to nurture in our children? 

In a world where truth is distorted, beauty is corrupted and goodness disregarded, we believe a strong foundation in these values will guide our children to see, understand and act correctly.

Therefore, the Truth, Beauty and Goodness (TBG) Curriculum Framework. 

Since 2021, Presbyterian Preschool Services has transformed the curriculum we run. Beyond imparting knowledge and skills, we want to give our children an anchor and a structure to pursue knowledge on their own, to know the value and nature of things and to appreciate the value of knowledge for its own sake.

Here's how we do it: through the 5 Areas of Learning, we hope to provide a rigorous learning experience. However, the focus is not just on accumulation of knowledge or primary school preparation. Instead, we want to instil in children values such as grit, grace, grease, gratitude and generativeness. We believe that these values will serve them the rest of their lives.

Our Education Mission

Our Education Framework

5 LAs.webp

Read about our Curriculum here!

Daphne Goh_Candid.png

Principal Designate: Ms. Daphne Goh

The principal-designate is Ms. Daphne Goh. She has had 12 years of experience as an early childhood educator, 7 of which was spent at Presbyterian Preschool Services. Observing the children flourish and grow under her care motivates her stay in the Christian Preschool Ministry. She hopes to lead the team at LOT@BA together in unity, love and respect.


She enjoys going for trampoline fitness classes and might decide to pick up hip-hop dancing soon! She looks forward to getting to know the community in Bukit Arang and desires to serve the children and the families while God calls her here.  


She will also be supported by the Presbyterian Preschool Services HQ team in her endeavor.

Little Olive Tree Preschool (Woodlands)
Open House on 19 November 2022

BA Open House (printed-flyer)_Page_1.png

Visit the school, view how the classroom will look like after renovation, and hear from our Team about the programme!

Enjoy $2,400 savings in fees if you register for enrolment by end November 2022. 

Address: 1 Woodlands Street 83

Hours: 8.30am to 12pm

Programme Sharing at 9am, 10am and 11am

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